Today’s fast and furious advances in technology calls for constant innovation and manufacture of products of high quality and reliability at competitive prices as also progressively adding value to customers. Realising this dictum, India Nippon Electricals Ltd has invested substantially in equipping its R&D to independently design and develop ignition products required by the whole industry for various engine applications. The intense procedures adopted to achieve the specification of customers involves taking products through many comprehensive tests by a set of dedicated and qualified engineers who have been trained in-house as well as at the collaborator’s company.

In recognition of this capability, the Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry, Government of India, have accorded recognition to India Nippon Electricals Ltd, since the year 1994.

Conscious of the technological improvements taking place globally and at customers, R&D at India Nippon Electricals Ltd vigilantly scouts around the world to acquire knowledge on latest applications. Environment norms in the country is progressively becoming stringent and to meet this, engine manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for using improved engine ignition systems. Comprehending the future requirements, India Nippon Electricals Ltd has embarked on developing an Electronic Fuel Injection system initially for motorcycle engine application, in cooperation with their collaborator company and substantial progress has already been made in that direction.


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